OURA is very simple, easy to use Queue management system.

It has mainly 4 Modules :
      1. Kiosk Token Generation
      2. LCD Display for currently Serving Tokens and Next token notifications.
      3. Service Agents interface
      4. Admin Panel

Application Flow

Objective of this application is to serve customer on First come First Serve basis.Once the customer steps in to our premise, we can ask them to collect the Token from the Kiosk Machine.

OURA allows you to set videos for ongoing promotions meaning when there is no customer at kiosk, it will play your ongoing promotions and videos for your company or the partners where you can charge them to display their products. This can be additional revenue generation module :
Multisite Timesheet and Attendance management

Kiosk for Service Selection & Token Dispatch

  • When Customer comes to Kiosk, it will be running promotional videos or slides
  • When he/she touches, it will ask to select preferred language (this is optional)
  • Once Language is selected, System will take customer to 2 Level service selections
  • Based on the service selection, system will issue the token with Queue Size and estimated waiting time based on time taken to serve last 10 customers

LCD Display Screen

  • All serving tokens will be listed on the LCD
  • Newly called Token Number will be highlighted
  • Optional feature is available for PIP TV Channel (This requires special hardware)
  • Also we can set scrolling text at the bottom of display screen.

Service Counter

  • Service agents can call next customer by pressing next button on their Application.
  • Each service agent can define service type based on which system will pick only those service type tokens.
  • Service Agent can Skip to the next number as announced number is not responding.
  • He can take missed customer or ask customer to re-issue token based on reason given.

MIS Reports

  • Many Management reports can be printed from OURA this gives you 360 degree insights of agent and customer patterns.
  • We can also implement customer review system that will give us clear idea about our agents and their services to the customers.
  • Agent wise service type wire reports.
  • Agent wise ratings reports.
  • Agents Log in and out reports.
  • 35+ various reports available in the system.
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